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We Specialize In

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

 Workman's Compensation Injuries

Disc Herniation

Spinal Stenosis

Degenerative Disc Disease

Shoulder Injuries

 Plantar Fascitis

Hip Injuries

Migraines / Chronic Headache

Trigeminal Neuralgia/Bell's Palsy

and more


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About Fralick Chiropractic


Our commitment is to do everything we can to relieve you of your symptoms with a treatment plan that is uniquely personalized to fit your medical needs. Our approach utilizes precise and thorough techniques that will lead to your recovery and increases the likelihood of achieving 100% relief of symptoms. At Fralick Chiropractic, the patient is our focus. When clinically necessary we will co-treat with other medical professionals to provide you with the most proficient and targeted medical action plan and ensure the highest quality of clinical care. 


- Dr. Ryan Fralick


Dr. Fralick and his team specialize in the acute and subacute care for a wide variety of new injuries and past diagnoses which still impact your quality of life. Our ultimate goal is to restore function and to help patients live pain free. Dr. Fralick's extensive education allows him to successfully treat joint issues from head to toe. His goal is to provide patients with superior personalized, patient-centered care that fits their lifestyle and supports their unique injury. Each patient diagnosis is given the time, care, and attention to detail required to ensure the proper treatment recommendation.


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